Undercovered supportive agents?

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I was wondering, when I’ve met guys from @anonym_zoo at  @TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, why? Where are you got that idea from? Who would need that?
And now I know…
Under my own nose, one of my colleagues was frustrated that much about something, that he decided to share that on FB XD
I guess that anyone need to express its negative emotions from time to time, and what anonymzoo tries to do, is to build community of positive, supportive people that will help to brave out bad moments.
I had similar objective but I’ve decided that you would address that via network of your closest friends in www.moody.jackfruit.ooo
It is quite unique initiative, actually, trying to build anonymous community of people who will stand with others 🙂 Hope guys you’ll succeed, and who knows maybe we should combine our forces to make the world a better place? 😉

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